Welcome to Data-enhanced Investigations for Climate Change Education (DICCE)

The goal of the NASA-funded project Data-enhanced Investigations for Climate Change Education (DICCE) has been to make it easier for middle and high school teachers and students to study climate change and related Earth system phenomena using geospatial data products from the Goddard Interactive Online Visualization and Analysis Infrastructure (GIOVANNI).

GIOVANNI is a powerful portal of Earth observation data that provides access to numerous daily and monthly data products on Earth system phenomena covering land biosphere, physical land, ocean biosphere, physical ocean, physical atmosphere, atmospheric gases, and energy and radiation system. These data products are derived from remote-sensing instruments on satellites, ground stations, and data assimilation models. DICCE enables teacher and student access to some of these data for investigations of local, regional, and global climate and related Earth system phenomena.

Teachers and students can select data to investigate from the Giovanni data archive, then save the results as map images, time series plots, vertical profiles and data tables. The map images can also be exported as "kmz" files to appear as layers in Google Earth and other geographic information systems. DICCE-GIOVANNI (DICCE-G) is the name of this school user-friendly access to the data. The project has also produced DICCE-Learning Environment (DICCE-LE), a tool for authoring standards-based lesson plans, presentations, instructional activities, and assessment activities around visualizations generated via DICCE-G. Supports are provided to students and teachers about how to interpret trends in data products of their choice at the regional level and a schema has been developed to help them understand how those data products fit into current scientific thinking about the certainties and uncertainties of global warming.

Though DICCE was created as a classroom resource, it is open to all members of the public. Everyone can access and study the rich data available on the DICCE G sites and learn from the lessons, presentations, and activities on the DICCE LE site.

NOTE: Grant funding for DICCE ended March 31, 2015. Now that March 31, 2015 has passed, the links and resources on this site (dicce.sri.com) continue to be operational, but any updates and enhancements to DICCE are being placed at dicce.org. That site contains the DICCE Learning Environment resource. For such materials, go to the Blog page there or browse for new curriculum projects. The links to these resources are in the right panel, called "Menu."